Facts to Have to Avoid the Wrath of Citalopram Hydrobromide Side Effects

When it comes to the use of citalopram as an antidepressant, there are a number of things you need to understand. Firstly, the citalopram hydrobromide side effects can really be severe if you use the medication with others the doctor might not know about. This is why your pharmacist or the doctor must known all types of medication you are in use already as well as any you might have bought illegally or without a prescription. There is no need of hiding any of this crucial information since it might turn to be detrimental to your health.

Firstly, it is important to avoid the usage of citalopram hydrobromide if you have been experiencing suicidal thoughts or if your depression has been worsening, including anxiety disorders. In case you have shown signs of depression or already having spasms of anxiety disorders, it is possible to have harmful thoughts sometimes of killing yourself. Such dangerous ideas could be increased as you first begin the use of antidepressants as a result of the medication taking time before it begin working properly, perhaps around a fortnight or sometimes longer.

The citalopram hydrobromide side effects could worsen your health due to the fact that information collected in clinical trials on usage of antidepressants has depicted that suicidal risky behavior increases mostly in those youths below the age of 25 years of age, mostly those already suffering from psychiatric conditions. Always seek the help of a doctor in case you feel any suicidal tendencies or thoughts. This will help so much before the treatment that includes citalopram has been proposed.

Another thing you need to remember prior to the intake or usage of citalopram hydrobromide is that if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, it is wise to speak to a pharmacist or doctor for starters.  This is because if you take antidepressant such as citalopram in a pregnancy more so within the last three or so months, the medication will raise the risk of the baby getting a serious disease known as persistent pulmonary type of hypertension affecting newborns or PPHN. The baby ends up appearing bluish and breathing faster.  Since such citalopram hydrobromide side effects are manifested within 24 hours of the baby’s delivery, the doctor or midwife should be called rather immediately.

Tablets of citalopram typically must not be given to adolescents or children below 18 years of age. It is important to understand that those patients below 18 years old always manifest risky side effects such as hostility in terms of aggression, anger and oppositional behavior, suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts.

However, the doctor might decide to give a prescription for Citalopram to those below 18 years old in case he or she has decided it is the best path to take. If you realize the doctor has given a prescription containing citalopram to an under 18 patient, you might want to go and discuss it with him or her. The dangers of not talking to the doctor are extreme since the under 18 child is undergoing cognitive, maturation and growth including development in terms of behavior.