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A detailed guide to Citalopram side effects

Both Celexa and the generic equivalent of celexa i.e. Citalopram are manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies in ten, twenty and forty milligrams tablets. Other than that these are also available in the liquid solution. The doctors, when fond, that a patient needs celexa or Citalopram then he usually starts these with low doses and gradually increases them if these do not affect the patient in low dose. It is wiser to start taking these with low dose as it mitigates a lot of the side effects that can be caused if higher dose is taken. Citalopram can be taken once in a day, it depends on the consent of the patient whether he takes it with or without food as both the options are open for patients.

Citalopram side effects

There are various Citalopram side effects from which the patient can suffer. These Citalopram side effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness, agitation, diarrhea, nausea and fatigue. Some patients also suffer from the impaired sexual functioning as well. The doctors suggest that the patients gradually get over with the side effects but if they do not then they should consult their doctor in order to know whether should they take the Citalopram or not. But there are some side effects that if the patient experiences, should call his doctor in the first place. These side effects include irritability or agitation, restlessness, hyperactivity, tremors, problems associated with memory or impulsiveness.

According to the doctors there are some side effects, other than those that are mentioned, that need medical attention right away. These Citalopram side effects include allergic reactions such as facing difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face, tongue or lips. Sometimes patients suffer from the throat swelling as well that makes it swallowing difficult for them. Other includes the seizures, problems regarding the balance and coordination i.e. they might face balancing problems even while walking, confusion, fainting, abnormal heart rate, suicidal thoughts and hallucinations. Of all the side effects that citalopram can cause these are the most serious ones. Therefore these should not be ignored at any cost and must be told to the doctor immediately.

When a patient starts taking Citalopram it usually takes him or her to improve within two weeks but some of the patients experience the signs of improvements after weeks! This medicine does not take as an addictive or habit forming therefore people should not be worried about that. Some people get worry about missing the dose. Well for their information, if they miss any of their doses then they are advised to take that if it is not the time of taking the next dose. But if it is, then there is absolutely no need to take any extra dose in order to cater the missed one.

The studies and the research shows that the pregnant women must not take Citalopram as it can lead to a ling disorder in a newborn or it can even lead to serious hypertension problems or other Citalopram side effects for the mothers. Therefore the pregnant women must abstain themselves from taking it.