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Common and Rare Citalopram 10mg Side Effects

The result of citalopram 10mg side effects does not go without being observed. This is because the use of an antidepressant such as citalopram could lead to life-threatening or serious problems in the lungs of newborn infants if the mothers are using the medication within the duration of the pregnancy. It has been observed that if one stops the usage of citalopram during a pregnancy, a return of depression could be imminent. Anyone planning on being pregnant or anyone who ends up pregnant at the time of citalopram intake should refrain from the usage of antidepressants before you talk to the doctor first.

citalopram 10mg side effects

Some of the common citalopram 10mg side effects are observed in one out of six people using the medication. This includes fatigue, yawning excessively, trembling, intense sweating, a dry mouth, urinating frequently, and changes in weight, nausea, insomnia and drowsiness. While the symptoms are very varied, you will find some that are not as frequent as others, such as vomiting, teeth grinding while awake or asleep, irregular, too slow or too fast heartbeats or cardiac dysrhythmia and blood pressure changes. Dizziness, serious headaches, mood swings, intense anxiety and dilated pupils are other side effects not that frequent.

The usage of citalopram also leads to a number of uncommon side effects such as intense allergic reactions, hallucinations and convulsions. Women in use of citalopram sometimes experience some irregular cycles in menstruation, where the monthly cycle is usually altered as one takes the medication. However, it is advisable for a woman to contact a gynecologist towards ruling out the presence of other illnesses in case the menstrual cycle shows irregularity or in case of other unique discomforts.

citalopram 10mg side effects

Young adults, teenagers and children using citalopram who are 24 years of age and below also face some dire side effects such as suicidal thoughts. As much as only a little number of side effects have been documented, the vastness of the risk is yet to be known. In this regard, anyone who is below the age of 18 years must stay away from citalopram. There are some cases however that doctor might be persuaded the medication is the best way to treat a child.

There are times when the medication comes in handy for autistic children. However, it has been found to be ineffective but also the usage is characterized by serious side effects described as autistic children specific, for instance soaring of energy levels, repetitive and hyperactivity movements increasing, limited concentration and impulsiveness.

The citalopram 10mg side effects are a lot but weight changes should not be forgotten. As compared to other medications, the drug has a tested and documented effect in terms of reduction or increase of weight. But, exact percentage of weight gained or lost is not easy to decipher since different people have described gaining a lot of weight and shedding it equally fast after stopping the intake of the medication.

The presence of the side effects does not mean that citalopram does not treat specific anxiety disorders and depression.