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Citalopram Side effects–What worse could happen?

Marketed under the brand name Celexa and Cpiramil, Citalopram is a well known antidepressant that belongs to the class of SSRI. Approved by the FDA, the drug is an off-label that is prescribed for a wide range of anxiety and depressing conditions. However, with many, the most common question is what could be Citalopram side effects?

Citalopram side effects

Dysfunction of the sexual organs is one of the well known side effects, which includes difficulty in arousal, lack of interest in sex, and difficulty in achieving the levels of orgasm. Also, the individual exhibits lack of tolerance to sex and experiences a wide range of difficulties including ejaculation and anhedonia. Despite being reversible, Citalopram side effects usually tend to last for a month or a year depending on the duration of the drug prescribed and the date it was withdrawn.

Citalopram side effects also include increase in the levels of serotonin in various parts of the body, especially the intestine. There are other side effects that include apathy and lack of emotions, which is due to the decreased levels of dopamine that is associated with the consumption of this drug. Being a mild anti histamine, the drug is well known for its sedating effects as well. The other common Citalopram side effects are nausea, drowsiness, increased levels of urination, low sex drive, increased levels of sweating, diarrhea and fatigue. Extreme levels may lead to hallucinations and psychological disturbances.

The initial stages, when the side effects begin to manifest are not dealt very critically although it does require a clinical intervention. There are reported cases of changes in pulse, anxiousness, vomiting and a few allergic reactions such as the rashes, problems in breathing and irritation that lead to the development of aggressive states in a few individuals. Whatever might be the side effect one could experience, it is important that they know the best way to control and thus conceptualize strategies to face them in an emotional manner as well.

It is advised that you get to know the various syndromes that are associated with consuming Citalopram, as it could increase your pressure levels and you might find it difficult to cope up with a later stage. Also, anti-depressants should be consumed with care as medication might lead to a habit, which is something that needs to be avoided as a whole. The moment you notice a few symptoms setting in do not hesitate and contact the doctor right away.