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Real Citalopram HBR Side Effects and Care

Citalopram is used in the treatment of depression as well as being classified as a drug that falls within the SSRIs group. With its usage, amounts of serotonin are increased in the brain. As a neurotransmitter, serotonin makes one happier and better, the reason why it is usually used in relieving depressing symptoms. While using citalopram, one must avoid using it together with MAO types of inhibitors. After stopping the usage of MAO inhibitors, wait for around a fortnight before using it.

citalopram hbr

Prior to the intake of citalopram, it is important to let a pharmacist or doctor understand whether there are any allergic reactions after intake and also if you have specific allergies manifested in your lifestyle. The product could have inactive ingredients that might occasion allergic reactions and other issues. It is important to speak with a doctor or pharmacist due to the intricacies of citalopram HBR side effects.

citalopram hbr side effects

To avoid the immense citalopram HBR side effects prior to the use of the medication, allow your pharmacist or doctor to know the medical history that defines you, more so about all psychiatric disorders affect your family, such as depressive manic and bipolar disorders, including hyponatremia, dehydration, bleeding in the stomach, serious kidney diseases, seizures, liver diseases, bleeding issues, suicide attempts whether on the family or personal level.

citalopram hbr side effects

There are also other side effects of citalopram HBR that affect the nervous system since it might have an effect on sleep. Sleep difficulties are quite common at the start of a therapy, including other side effects such as involuntary movements, strange skin sensations, lightheadedness, trembling, headache and others that are not that common. You will also come across other side effects widespread with the usage of citalopram, such as intestinal, esophagus, mouth membrane inflammations and swallowing difficulties. High bleeding risk is also expected within gastrointestinal tract for individuals using the medication.

You need to know that citalopram is able to affect different organs and curtailing their performance. While these are a number, the most common include erectile problems, breasts pain and genital tract side effects. There are times the respiratory system has been affected as well as problems with nasal membranes. Citalopram users should know that itching and rash sensations, sinus problems, decreased sodium levels in blood, weight changes and fast heartbeat are also acute side effects.

For patients using the medication, it has been noted that suicide risk and clinical worsening are real threats that need to be checked. A caregiver or family member needs to stay alert and ready to deal with emergence of suicidal ideation, depression worsening, uncommon behavior changes, mania, hypomania, psychomotor restlessness, aggressiveness, insomnia, panic attacks and agitation. This should be done early enough, just when the antidepressant treatment has been introduced or being adjusted down or up.

Caregivers and families of these patients must be prompted to keep looking for the onset of such citalopram HBR side effects daily since there are times such changes have been abrupt. In case of any such side effects, a health professional must be solicited, more so if they are abrupt or severe.